Ew, Gross

ew, grossWhen I turned off my Scentsy night light, I didn’t notice that a spider had drowned in the melted wax. It wasn’t until after the wax had cooled and hardened that I realized what had happened. Upon first glance, I thought there was an odd hole in the wax, which made no sense. It took a few seconds to realize that there was, in fact, a spider in my melted wax.  (I hate spiders, so this is just so icky to me!)

Stitching Stuff (Part Six)

ottoman {6}Is it okay to name this post “Stitching Stuff” if there isn’t any actual stitchy stuff in the photo? Had I taken the pic the previous day, there would have been stitchy stuff, but since we were expecting company, I cleaned the ottoman off. Oh well! Miss Abby Cat enjoys the clean, spacious ottoman. 🙂